Suteki Wood System, Service Flat.

Service Flat in Suteki Wood System:
8000 m2, 4 stories, 66 apartments, 2000 m2 underground parking
An ecological and social project providing care for the elderly and intergenerational cohabition. Social interaction with the care center for the mental and disabled next door.

Location: Tournai, Belgium

Suteki Home: Nice Life Style

Low-energy house, almost-zero energy house, passive house

Suteki Home adapts itself effortlesly to changing family situations. Future renovations and extensions can be foreseen during the planning stage. Large spaces can be easily made into smaller rooms and vice versa.

Suteki Home uses simple and modern design concepts integrating wood in the structural and interior design.

These design concepts originate from traditional Japanese construction methods and design principles.

Staying true to our standards of the highest quality. Meticulous follow-up of each project, from conception to construction by our own staff.

Suteki Home is built with Suteki Wood System®, a patented post and beam building construction method designed in Japan.